Sunday, February 12, 2006

General Color Forecast for 2006

Colors for 2006 will be warmer, clearer and brighter. Reddened oranges will replace coppery hues; yellows will gain importance; blues will dramatically recede; and complex neutrals will add sophistication and luxury to the 2006 Consumer Color Palette.

Hybrid households and communities are entering the mainstream. The move to Hybridization occurs in parallel with geopolitical and economic events and is a product of the proliferation of global unification in communications, transportation, manufacturing and services. Although Hybridization is generally accepted by consumers, it offers a sharp contrast to the comfort of the predictable past.

Because extravagance is becoming accessible to the masses, a new level of status and sophistication are being translated by icons and symbols. The response is sophisticated craftsmanship and rare materials with high polish and burnished finishes will emerge. In fashion,Uber Luxury takes on a classic feminine style that drives decision-making and brings power to women. In the home, Uœber Luxury is defined a masculine, clean simple and elegant.

Additionally, consumers want to find a balance in their lives between the influences of nature and the pace of technological advance; want fulfilled and rewarding lives despite the demands of work and society; sense a need to reconnect with the past; and seek bold colors and luminous materials that add glow and fluidity in product executions.



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