Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ten Things Loved at Fashion Week

1. Vera Wang's collection, especially the delicately draped and layered "need to have now" tops.
2. Both Marc Jacobs collections: We're glad the quintessential New York designer remains a major influence.
3. The subtly metallic evening dresses at Ralph Lauren.
4. Sari Gueron's firm grasp of what glamorous and cool New York girls want to wear.
5. All the white at Phillip Lim, BCBG, and Narciso Rodriguez.
6. The great easy T-shirt dresses from Peter Som, Marc Jacobs, and Zero Maria Cornejo.
7. Even more crazy heels especially Derek Lam's.
8. Michael Kors jersey and cashmere knits.
9. Proenza's tomato-and-gray stretch top with charcoal moiré skirt.
10. The fact that New York designers really gave their all this week. They're holding their own against the Europeans.

-NYMag, Fashion Week

Friday, August 04, 2006

Fashion Trends 2006

Use It
animal print
bubble skirts
ruffled Victorain blouses
big cocktail rings
oversize bags
ballet flats

Lose It
cargo pants
fruit prints
prairie skirts
message Ts
chandelier earrings
logo bags
cowboy boots

-Style Makeover, Fall 2006

I don't know about you, but I'll always love cowboy boots -specially the red hot ones, they're kickin!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Not Enough Closet Space for your Designer Purses?

For most of my life, I've been utilitarian about my purses and shoes. I made sure to have a stylish handbag for evenings but admittedly, they're severely limited in number.

However, Bag Borrow or Steal has brought to women another option: rent-a-bag. It appears as though it works much like NetFlix allowing you to chose from 3 different rental categories: Trendsetter for $20/mo, Princess for $50/mo, and Diva for $100/mo.

So, if you're among the people who want instant access to uber-premium goods, additional niches are becoming available that will help maintain your sense of entitlement.

SpotScout - Soon Coming to Your City

How many times have you driven into a new city and circled a city block several times never to find that ellusive parking space?

SpotScout claims to be the world’s first mobile exchange marketplace for parking spots, connecting parking spaces with drivers that are desperately seeking them.

Begun in the UK, SpotScout is due to launch in NYC and Boston and soon in other metro areas. However, you can add more cash in your pocket by registering your own private spot at your home on SpotScout. You and other 'SpotCasters' set the asking price and time they wish to make their space available. Instantly placed, the info on SpotScout's network is available for others. Set in real-time, both reservations and payment take place online or via web-enabled mobile phones.

London Cabbies by Women for Women

UK's first women-only private car hire franchise has been created by Pink Ladies who spotted a business opportunity. The demand for this service is due to the rise in attacks (~10 each month) on women after getting into an unlicensed mini-cab.

The Pink Ladies drive Renault Kangoos that are pink inside and out, making them highly visible. Passengers sign up as members, and fares are either pre-paid, paid by credit card or with a 'pink account', which is both convenient for members and safe for drivers.

Booking is done over the phone, and a text message is sent to the customer to let her know the vehicle is approaching, which means she doesn't have to wait outside. Drivers are trained in self-defense and will wait outside a customer's home after a drop-off to ensure she gets in safely. Promoting safety and reducing risk for women – the Pink Ladies concept should work well anywhere!

No wonder that many women feel safer taking a taxi driven by a woman.

Euro Women Shift in Media Consumption

In the last year, TV consumption among European women increased 12 percent, while magazine readership fell 4.5 percent. The shift in media consumption makes the Internet Europe's fastest-growing medium.

Meanwhile, women spent around 9 hours a week online are catching up to men who spent an average of 11 hours a week online. Moreover, in 3 years the hours spent online by female internet users has grown by 63% and for men it has grown 54%.

The increase in Internet usage among women comes mainly from 16 to 24 year-olds. That segment includes young professionals and women with children. The use of the Internet among young professional women increased 116 percent, more than double its growth in 2003. Women with children use the Internet 14 percent more than women outside of this group in Europe.

-European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA)

Gaming is for Grown-Ups

Adult gamers favor games on PCs rather than consoles and spend more time playing each week than do teenage gamers.

Compared to just 11 percent of teens, roughly one-third of adult gamers spend 10 hours or more per week playing console or PC games. The surprising results are part of CEA's 2006 Gaming Technology Study, which surveyed adults via online survey and teens (ages 12-17) via telephone interview.

-Consumer Electronic Association (CEA)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Home Color Forecast for 2006

Asian Rose A multi-cultural home combining heritage & heart
Bliss Emphasizing uber-luxury
Decoesque Cultivated by both heritage & hybrid influences, this color is a less abrasive intrepretation of both blue & green
Elemental Gray A dark neutral underscores the popularity of fantasy, mystery, & futuristic
Flemish Gold Luxury & Hybrid influences give birth to this new Home color for use across all markets.


Fashion Color Forecast 2006

Cybernatural Technology slows down based on Heritage with this new Fashion direction.

Lapis Crowds will cheer for this favorite Fashion blue enhanced by Techno-effects for surprise and luminosity.

Orange You Glad!
This high-energy color with glow and power embodies Color Depth. This Fashion color offers movement and fluidity to drive consumers to say, "I need it!"

Phosphorice Discreet Luxury and cyber technology based on chemistry, gadgets, and liquid crystal screens provide the platform to create this new Fashion color.

Re-Vamp A return of classic elements with the illusion of depth and mystery. Techno-special effects translate this Fashion color from its Heritage base to today.


Consumer Goods Color Forecast 2006

Diamante Silver Consumer Goods turns to Technology for this new metallic with lighter and brighter attributes.

Ignorange This Hybrid color modifies traditional orange based on Asian and Indian influences.

Night Sky High chroma and low value in this violet to black magic color harken to our changing atmosphere.

Sona With various golden hues and finishes connoting Luxury around the world, this color builds a consensus for all cultures.

Tech-Tile This color revives bronze with warmth and femininity.


General Color Forecast for 2006

Colors for 2006 will be warmer, clearer and brighter. Reddened oranges will replace coppery hues; yellows will gain importance; blues will dramatically recede; and complex neutrals will add sophistication and luxury to the 2006 Consumer Color Palette.

Hybrid households and communities are entering the mainstream. The move to Hybridization occurs in parallel with geopolitical and economic events and is a product of the proliferation of global unification in communications, transportation, manufacturing and services. Although Hybridization is generally accepted by consumers, it offers a sharp contrast to the comfort of the predictable past.

Because extravagance is becoming accessible to the masses, a new level of status and sophistication are being translated by icons and symbols. The response is sophisticated craftsmanship and rare materials with high polish and burnished finishes will emerge. In fashion,Uber Luxury takes on a classic feminine style that drives decision-making and brings power to women. In the home, Uœber Luxury is defined a masculine, clean simple and elegant.

Additionally, consumers want to find a balance in their lives between the influences of nature and the pace of technological advance; want fulfilled and rewarding lives despite the demands of work and society; sense a need to reconnect with the past; and seek bold colors and luminous materials that add glow and fluidity in product executions.


Home Decor Trends for 2006

Casual contemporary, modern, classics, Asian, and traditional are being added by retailers, while cottage/country is the number one drop.

Three most popular product categories for all retailers in 2006 will be mirrors/wall decor, lamps, and accent furniture. Weaker performance is anticipated in licensed products, top-of-bed, and bath & body.

Most consumers are now looking for that one-of-a-kind piece as a decorating necessity and noting that the product is more important than the licensed name. Retailers are citing that there are too many products chasing a finite market like body and bath as there is nothing new to offer.

-Home Accents

December 05 - Home Decor Trends

Home Accents + eBay partner to keep a pulse on trends.

Top 10 Hot Categories

1.Fireplace Accessories
3.Children’s Decor
4.Home Fragrances
5.Decorative Fruit
6.Candles, Candle Holders
8.Magazine Racks
9.Holiday, Seasonal Décor
10.Afghans, Throws

Top 10 Buyer Searches

1.Pottery Barn
4.Shabby Chic
8.Christmas Tree

-Home Accents

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Citrus Blast

NY - Fruity colors such as bright orange, lime green, and lemon yellow are key colors for the trend on socks, tights, and yes, even legwarmers.

Lollipops Bond Pets & People

Pet anthropomorphism is sitting up and begging, specifically for evolution of the treat. Lollipops, waffles, and sushi styled treats are reinforcing the emotional connection between pets and their humans. You'll find this kind of transferrence among the baby-boomers (aka empty nesters) who now have dogs.
-Pet Age, November 2005

The Rise of the Pet Treats

Six Hundred Million ($600 Million) spent on dog buiscuits, treats and beverages in 2003!!
-US Pet Food Market, 2004

Specifically, 88% of all dog owners bought dog treats in 2004, up from 81% in 2002.

65% of all cat owners bought cat treats in 2004, up from 56% in 2002.
-2005/2006 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey

57% of dog owners buy at least six packages of dog treats per month.
35% of cat owners buy at least six packages of cat treats per month.
-2005/2006 APPMA National Pet Owners Survey

Gen Y

At 57 million strong, Gen Y -those born between 1981 & 1995- is the largest consumer group in the history of the US.
-Challenges of the Future: The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America

Multi-Minding Women

Did you know that a recent survey found that 62% of women ages 25-54 have little time to consume media?

Moreover, women today aren't just multitasking; they're multi-minding, constantly thinking about the perparing for the myriad dimensions in their complex lives.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Rising Japanimation Sun

Otuku, a Japanese term roughly translated means "obsessed anime fan." While the word takes a slightly derogatory slant, the anime passion was worth about $810 million in 2003. Close to $10 Billion garners the domestic market of anime and computer related hobbies of otaku people.
-Women's Wear Daily (WWD)

Rising Credit

Over the past decade, credit card debt among 18-to-24 year old American's rose by 104%.

One hundred and four percent! This means Suze Orman definitely has job security counselling these young folk on thriftiness.

Gaming Chicks

Of mobile gamers in the US, 64% are female.
-The Yankee Group

French Blogging

In France, 43% of internet users who have created blogs are women.

Keep blogging, girls!

Self-Indulgence in S.Africa

More than half of South Africa's population is under 25. They spend an estimated $1 Billion on themselves annually, and an estimated $3.3 Billion is spent on them annually.
-The Sunday Times, South Africa

Global Fashion Trends

Urban hot spots as Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, New York, San Diego are finding themselves adorned with:
  • Quirky, Earthy Hemp
  • Military + rock n'roll hard-edge blend
  • Engineered Stripes
  • Twisted, classic kitsch
-Woman's Wear Daily (WWD)

Dorm Suppliers

Top five (5) places where survey respondents shop for dorm supplies
  • Target (47%)
  • Wal-Mart (34%)
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond (26%)
  • Thrift Stores (25%)
  • IKEA (23%)
-Look-Look, Inc.

Online Living


Is the percent of American college students living on campus who go online everyday.
-National Association of College Stores

SAVANTStats Introduction

We felt we needed to generate a place for all stats & trends to call home. Let it be ringtones or color forecasts, this will be the place to find it.

Thanks for reading.