Friday, April 07, 2006

SpotScout - Soon Coming to Your City

How many times have you driven into a new city and circled a city block several times never to find that ellusive parking space?

SpotScout claims to be the world’s first mobile exchange marketplace for parking spots, connecting parking spaces with drivers that are desperately seeking them.

Begun in the UK, SpotScout is due to launch in NYC and Boston and soon in other metro areas. However, you can add more cash in your pocket by registering your own private spot at your home on SpotScout. You and other 'SpotCasters' set the asking price and time they wish to make their space available. Instantly placed, the info on SpotScout's network is available for others. Set in real-time, both reservations and payment take place online or via web-enabled mobile phones.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger SpotScout Team said...

Actually, SpotScout started in Cambridge, Massachusetts, not the UK. Though we'll be operating soon there it's roots are US based.


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